May 9th, 2003

beartato phd

(no subject)

Things with people going really not so bad at all, despite my worrying. I am happy.

Things with research not going quite so well, yet bouncing ideas off of kaustuv was helpful. My brain is just slow sometimes, arg.

But it does interesing things late at night. I was half-hallucinating all this weird shit with my tired eyes in the dark, trying to come to grips with that feeling I had reading Also sprach Zarathustra, thinking all sorts of things I would normally dismiss as hippie-sounding bullshit, saying and accepting the tritest and cliche-est of utterances and analogies, with no residual guilt or embarrassment. It felt compellingly like playing music, and quoting the melodies of nursery rhymes, in such a knowing way to result in no irony. Saying phrases not because they were true, but because they were the right thing to say, the next step in some conversational path that was already laid out. Hippie-sounding bullshit, again. I must focus my attention on the danger of compelling but imperfect analogies.