April 14th, 2003

beartato phd

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A brief interlude before I finish the other thing off, since I'm feeling in a silly-filk mood:

"Frew Street", to the tune of ARG ARG CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD "Montgomery Street" by Susan Werner. Chords are as best as I can guess them.
    Em            B/D#   D             A/C#
The air smells of hay on Frew Street today
          Am           Bm           Em      Em
Where the chute bends around to the right
    Em          B/D#       D          A/C#
The second hill ruined the hopes of a few
    Am                Bm      Em       E
But they'll all still party tonight

          Am          D          G       C
There are boards that you nail together
    Am         Bm          Em      E
For games in a parking lot played
      Am    D           G            C
With alumni you haven't talked to forever
           Am           Bm          Em    Em
They still laugh at the bad pun you made

    Em            B/D#   D           A/C#
The air smells of hay on Frew Street today
        Am         Bm     Em       Em
But the buggies no longer contend
Em          B/D#          D              A/C#
They'll reappear, though, this time next year
    Am             Bm              Em       B7 Em
And with them your dear, scattered friends
beartato phd

(no subject)

Well, holy crap, that TPHOLs paper got accepted. Just when I was thinking I had found enough holes on it to guarantee rejectination, meaning that I would get out of revising it. No such luck! Actually, talking it over with brigitte lately has been really useful. So... yeah. Off to Rome in September. Need to snag me a copy of Pasporta Servo.

Also, the name of Dawn McLaughlin popped up again, strangely, as I popped over to hunt to peek at "The Syntax of ASL". She is one of the coauthors. The original occurrence was in a paper whose title I have already forgotten, that kaustuv showed me. Somehow I have yet to develop any sense that draft papers of mine are t0p s33krit things that can only be shown to a couple trustworthy people. Is that attitude there to insure that people don't steal your ideas? Maybe when I start having good ideas I will be able to sympathize.