April 10th, 2003

beartato phd

(no subject)

"Thursday Morning"
         G           C            D     Em
She does shifts at a bookstore an hour away
     Bm7       C             G
Pays rent on a shoebox-sized flat
      G          C          D       Em
Reads Borges and Dickinson, Poe and Camus
      Bm7      C          G       G
Keeps tropical fish and a cat

      C      D            Em              A7  
these simple things still find their way, slowly
D         C            G         G7
into some place in his thoughts

     C      D          Em        Bm7
from humble notes, all harmonies holy
  C            D       G       D7
a simple fact, somehow forgot

     G        C            D        Em
God, how many years had he hungered
    Bm7           C           D           G
for this wordless bliss to be felt, to be found?
       G             C         D        Em
And he kissed at her ear as he wondered
       Bm7       C           D         G       G
At the wonderful music there sleeping, sound

C D Em A7 D C G G7

C D Em Bm7 C D G D7
beartato phd

(no subject)

Went to Kiltie concert. Mmmusic. Didn't know "'Till there was you" was from "Music Man".

Looks like combinator won't get here until like 2am, due to airlines fucking ther shit up.
beartato phd

(no subject)

"Thursday Night"
Gm         Bb     C          Dm
Talked the second night with her,
Gm       Bb       C       Dm
Life and love and sex and death
   Gm  Bb      C         Dm
Philosophy and childhood jokes
Gm     D7         Gm         G7
on his lips still tastes her breath

Cm7 F Bb Eb Adim D7 Gm G7
Cm7 F Bb Eb Adim D7 Gm D7