April 7th, 2003

beartato phd

(no subject)

"Monday Morning"

        D           Bm7           E7          E7
Now her eyes slowly rise and then fall again
       D                   Bm7    E7           E7
To the floor where there's nobody watching her
       G           D/F#       Em            B7
So he, too, looks away, to himself tries to say
     A            Gmaj7        D      (Dsus4 D)
That he should forget her (and fails)

          D            Bm7         E7      E7
Since now he can't but see how her fingers
        D          Bm7     E7        E7
Holding up a small book of    poetry
         G       D/F#                Em         B7
Make him want to prolong these short moments of her
        A             Gmaj7           D      (Dsus4 D)
And the silent, sweet song, that such longing en-   tails 

F#7 Em D D 
G A Bsus4 B7 
G A [D A/C#] Bm7
A Gmaj7 D A7
beartato phd

(no subject)

"Monday Afternoon"
Dm       A/C#      C        G/B
left her there and left for home
Am         G         F   C/E
sighed and swore and sat alone
Dm         A/C#      C      G/B
would have spoke, if he had known
     Am      G      Dmadd9 Dm
that she had wanted it at  all

     Dm   A/C#  C     G/B
some melancholy ill-defined
Am        G            F         C/E
fills his thoughts and slows his mind
  Dm      A/C#     C     G/B
admired a body but as if blind
    Am       G        Dmadd9 Dm
saw nothing, nothing, after  all
      Am       G        Dmadd9 Dm
(said nothing, nothing, after  all)

Dm A/C# C G/B Am G F B7
beartato phd

(no subject)

Dicked around this morning more musically. As long as I'm recording for posterityridiculosity's sake, trying to hack on lyrics and stuff a little more seriously for a change. Or at least in a more organized way. The idea occurred to me late sunday night. A nice little week-long project. Concrete goals and all.

Tried to get lunch, but bus-fu failed me. Too goddamn cold on Forbes and Beeler, said fuck it and went to the O. But they were out of chicken strips so I just got some potato chips from a vending machine and put off lunch until after class.

Went to compilers. Cache optimization. Bleah. Todd even admitted at the end that most of this stuff is all well and good for matrix multiplies and about nothing else.

Lunch at Sam's.

Was going to go to KGB but bp emailed me and reminded me that I had missed the scheduled 3:00 meeting. Doh. Talked to her around 4:30 instead. Realized my TPHOLs paper is on really shaky ground. Argh argh argh. I used to feel smart. Then I went to grad school. Gonna talk to her again friday 4:30.

Went over to OSC 5ish to poll the pianos. More dancing fools using the, uh, room intended for dancing. Damn them! Muttered my way over to the basement of Purnell, and used one of the THIS ROOM RESERVED FOR DRAMA STUDENTS BECAUSE WE ARE HOITY-TOITY LIKE THAT piano rooms. Man, and they're all three shitty pianos, too. On one all the notes an octave or more below middle C sustained whether the pedal was down or not. What the fuck.

In the middle of that, Sally called and wanted back this box of CDs that was sitting somewhere in the innards of our house, she said. I eventually wandered back home, found it, and carried it over, just in time to stow away on a boston market trip. Sally and her housemate Matt were united in an effort to convince me I should wear leather pants, but I remain steadfast in my unleatherpantsness.

Got back home. Looked at the faloutsos-ailamaki-someone-else paper for the databases project again. Thought about fractal modelling foo. Emailed partner querying the other papers that got mentioned in red ink on our checkpoint paper. Which, according to an email I just got, lifted my grade up to a B! Aww yeah!