April 6th, 2003

beartato phd

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Last night dreamed I was learning to play trumpet. In dream-land, if you blow harder on an A, it becomes a Bb.

Left the house without playing any zelda. Go me! Got some arby's. My bus-karma is excellent today. Only had to wait a couple of minutes on forbes and beeler, and no time at all on forbes and atwood on the return trip.

Actually feeling a bit motivated to think about the databases project, because it finally hit me that the part of it I was planning on working on is sort of cute and easy, if looked at properly. I can make some graphs and pictures and shit, anyway. And, oh god, we got a 100/100 on the checkpoint. Which makes no sense at all. It was total nonsense. It was the same total nonsense we put in the proposal, (which got a noticeably lower grade) only more of it, and some gnuplot graphs. Despite the fact that I think I will suck it up and get to work and pass this class, my respect for databases as a field (or maybe just faloutsos as a grader) still diminishes with every passing day.

I don't think my standards are unreasonably high. The other big projects I've had to do were (1) OS kernel and filesystem, on which I got somewhere in the neighborhood of high B/low A for a good, solid chunk of sweat and blood on the part of mid and I and (2) Self-determinged projects for CompDed and Linear Logic, in which I got good grades for what I consider the some of the best work I did as an undergrad. I put in a lot of creativity and work, and got results. As opposed to sitting around mumbling on to paper and making shit up. Jeez, I do want to pass this class, but I would almost feel better not having such crappy work being approved and condoned.
beartato phd

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So one of the books I checked out from Hillman this last time in my usual grab-whatever-has-a-sexy-sounding-title habit was Kayne's "The Asymmetry of Syntax". It's crazy stuff: he is claiming that every language is always head-initial and all "head-final" aspects are completely illusory and explainable by other stuff. Trying to machete my way through the dense foliage of definitons, I googled for "c-command syntax x bar" and got this paper, which at least has the definition of "c-commands".
beartato phd

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Can't get out of my head, and can't quite figure out the chords to. Got sort of vaguely close, though. There's an Am I'm playing that ought to instead be a sus4 chord of some kind, I think, but can't divine which. Yarr.

...The air is still sweet on Montgomery Street
But the moon is unbearably bright
The ache unmistakably somebody else
Where you sleep in her arms every night

There are loves that you wear in a ring on your hand
In a frame on the living-room shelf
There are some that you sing to the wide open plains
There are some that you keep to yourself...

(Susan Werner, from "Time Beteween Trains", from the catamorphism mix)