April 5th, 2003

beartato phd

(no subject)

I am so unproductive and unmotivated it hurts. Need need need to do something for these class projects tomorrow.

Thought about research a little. Ate lunch. Slunk off to the library to read and check out more books completely irrelevant to things I need to do. Played racquetball with norm again. Almost won again! Forced the win-by-two rule in a 16-14 loss. More importantly, there were a lot of really fun points played, and I got plenty of exercise. Played Zelda. Ate dinner at Max'n'Erma's with adam and ellen. Saw someone who looked remarkably like bowen. Noticed he was sitting with people that looked remarkably like the rest of Forum. Realized it probably was, after all, them. Said hi. Came back home. Played more zelda. Even more Zelda. It became 12:30.

Ack. I think a major contributing factor to my undergrad academic success was the absence of video games in my life. Also the relative absence of random urges to go and do a bunch of reading about the history and philosophy of art and theories of syntax and grammatical categories and argh. I guess the huge humanities-shaped hole in my education is actually bothering me a bit lately.

Oh, and, finished glass bead game and two of the three postscript-short-story "lives" as of today. So good. I actually felt just at the point of tears at the end of the second "life". The repetition of the theme of passing things along to children and apprentices and successors, of acceptance (but not voluntary embrace) of death and expectation of rebirth, worked awfully well.