April 2nd, 2003

beartato phd

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Oh man oh man oh man. I am feeling pretty low right now. Advisor meeting went okay, but the compilers test was really painful. I actually knew what I was saying for some of the questions, but I was stretching and guessing at most, and completely had no idea what was going on in the last question, which presented chunks of SUIF and asked us to not only (a) understand them without the API at hand and (b) find bugs in them but also (c) produce input code which tickled the bugs. Ack ack ack. I couldn't ever figure out what the code was supposed to do in either of the two cases.

I know that two particular classes and one research project aren't representative of my worth as a human being, and I know I've lectured enough people not to let it get to them, but damn if it isn't hard to ignore the fact that I feel like I'm sinking into failure in all three right now.

Oh well. Tonight I should just get some food and rest and tomorrow start chewing away at some of these projects.
beartato phd

(no subject)

On the other hand, nice weather and relaxing in the library for a while do wonders to temper my bad moods. Found another book very much in the vein of type-theoretic grammar, named type logic grammar: categorical logic of signs. I'm sure to spew my opinion of it once I've read enough to have one.
beartato phd

(no subject)

Woo, slapping together musical cliches is actually kind of fun after awhile.

"Doin' Math on a Saturday Night" (or, the theory weenie's lament)

   C             G            Am           F
Conjectured this theorem been proving this theorem
      C           G                C     (F C)
think it might go through now real soon
     C         G              Am      F
Just five more lemmata though maybe I ought to
   C          G            C     (F C)
consider some sleep before noon
   F               G       Am       A7
My friends all say I got a problem
      Dm            G          Cmaj7   C7
They scream that it just isn't right
    F           Fm                Em7        A7
But I don't see what's wrong with stayin' up late
      D7        G7       C      (F C)
Doin' math on a saturday night
    C           Am      G             F
Got objects and arrows, recursion and Big-Ohs,
    C            G       C  (F C)  
and Gamma proves x colon B
    C          Am           G           F
The reader can work out the details (as if!)
    C              G       C     (F C)
Now watch my hands wave, QED
   F          G          Am          A7
My family has long since disowned me
    Dm     G          Cmaj7   C7
But I'm unaware of my plight
F        Fm          Em7         A7
Too busy patching up holes in my proofs
      D7        G7       C       (F C)
Doin' math on a saturday night