March 22nd, 2003

beartato phd

No, fuck it

Well, poop. I try to write a little experimental fiction, I try to push the box a bit, try to think outside the envelope just a little, and what do I get? You people! You people see right through me.

Yeah, there is no bus-guy. The four entries which actually had a subject (something I rarely do) are fictional. Well, there have been crazy people on the bus and around pittsburgh that I've seen, but I was trying to throw them together, and, yes, my own insecurities about my own sanity, as a character. I've been thinking about the character for quite some time now, trying to work out what sort of narrator would work, if any, doing little exercises in my actual (non-internet, paper) journal, but with little success.

So I thought, hey, livejournal. I could try to tell the story as if it were actually happening, and the format of just-a-little-text each day would actually be plausible given people's expectations of how lj works. And I would be under a lot of pressure to make it plausible, and it would be an interesting medium in that I would be forced to act as well as write. But, ugh. It's just too hard. I'm not up to it. I'm not good at being honest, but neither am I any good at lying. Making props would also have been hard. My handwriting would have given me away, too, I think.

Anyway, still in a creative mood. Interesting to find that the corny-depressing-song-writing parts of my brain don't actally need an explicit... let's say, "target", to function just as well as with one.

C      E7/B    Am     C7      
  Tell me, some time
F      D7/F#    G     F/A G/B
  When you feel free
C      E7/B    Am     C7      
  Some half-past nine
F           G             C G
  Would you walk with me?

C      E7/B     Am     C7      
  Under     the moon
F         D7/F#      G     F/A G/B
  And the cool April wind
C        E7/B    Am     C7      
  Say it will be soon
F                G          C G
  I'll feel your arms again

C      E7/B    Am     C7      
  Tell me, some time
F        D7/F#     G     F/A G/B
  Let me know some day
C      E7/B    Am     C7      
  Hold me some time
F     G      C   G
  And softly say

C          E7/B    Am    C7      
  That you see the music blowing
F        D7/F#  G      F/A G/B
  In the autumn leaves
C             E7/B   Am      C7      
  That you'll always be here with me
F          G     C       G
  And I'll never leave

[repeat first verse]
beartato phd

(no subject)

Wow. So one of the books I got from the Carnegie was "the glass bead game", since seeing cdinwood reading it reminded me that at some point or another I was planning on reading it. I think I had heard of it through Nomic back in the day. But it's really enjoyable so far.

"...Remember this: one can be a strict logician or grammarian, and at the same time be full of imagination and music. One can be a musician or Glass Bead Game player and at the same time wholly devoted to rule and order. The kind of person we want to develop, the kind of person we aim to become, would at any time be able to exchange his discipline or art for any other..." (p. 82)