March 17th, 2003

beartato phd

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Wow. I had a really good day for a change.

Woke up, did Hanon as usual, got lunch, went to the cs lounge. As mental exercise, hacked some perl to extract and do silly visualization of a chunk of the lj friend-of graph. Made me feel a little more awake and stuff. Went to compilers. Mmm, graph coloring for register allocation. After that went to the grad lounge, talked to mike donohue about databases a bit. Still feeling pretty jittery. Went to pitt campus to enjoy the weather for a bit and get food and read and try to relax. Began a run of running into familiar people.
(a) behind the pitt law building, waitresses from Sam's that knew me as a regular. ("hey, bacon cheesebrger!")
(b) heading for food, kaustuv. We went to Schlotzky's, he told me about ideas for including Par in ILL.
(c) Heading to eye appointment, old roommate aaron powers. Chatted briefly.
(ĉ) Oh yeah, eye appointment thing. I'm getting new glasses finally tomorrow! Yay.
(d) On the way back from eye appointment, at the union grill patioish area, james hendricks and stephen macgill, fellow first-years. Decided to sit down to dinner with them since they hadn't ordered yet, had much amusing conversation.
(e) While eating, ryan williams, shoba, chris twigg, and emma rehm passed by.
(f) Wandered by cs lounge, lots of familiar people there, unsurprisingly. mygrane gave me a hug.
(g) Heading home, bumped into ken strickland and nat manista. Nice to catch up on things.

All in all, corroboration of trurl's observation (at least I think it was his) of good moods correlating to interacting with other people.

Aaaaaaand couldn't pass book guy one more time without buying the Welsh-English English-Welsh dictionary that he's had for weeks. I am such a horrible person.