March 12th, 2003

beartato phd

(no subject)

Ugh. Feeling pretty low today. Advisor meeting went not-so-great. Didn't have much to say.

Need to... do stuff. Despite the improving weather, I still feel cold all the time.


Update: had a big ol' meaning-of-life conversation with norm. Made me feel less despondent.
Discovered that the house is cold because the thermostat was set to like 62.
Did stuff: wrote the requisite email-to-mowry about compilers foo.
Dashed off an email to frank about this weird paper he sent me that seems to be just a special case of pattern unification.

lincoln3 informs me that "swimmingly" (which I used to describe the advisor meeitng before this very update) actually means "smoothly". Somehow I always had thought it meant "barely tolerably", "with difficulty, unease", as if describing a sort of sea-sickesque nausea that accompanied events not quite coming together as expected. Guess I was wrong.