February 28th, 2003

beartato phd

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Moderately productive day yesterday. Got a bunch of paper hacking done, strangely at home and late at night, both ordinarily bad circumstances for my work-gettin'-gotten-done. Maybe they cancelled each other out or some shiznit.

Anyway, yeah. This weekend looms ominously ahead. On the plus side, mix CD coming at some point in the future from catamorphism. Can't wait.

Also, jam session with Ann went pretty awesome. Free-form improvisation is liberating but mentally taxing. Dave didn't show up, unforunately. But I smell the beginnings of a new band-like project on the horizon. This could be pretty cool.

Woot! Got a primitive recording setup working with adam's keyboard and his pentium 90, evan. I may soon be able to easily automate my dream of having a daily midi-format journal of improvisational foo. For now, just a brief recording of some changes and a melody I wrote at the beginning of the month, called "Blue February" for lack of a better title. The playing is pretty stiff, but I love these chords. Mmm.

Turned in the paper.

Watched some babylon five. Not a bad ep for fifth season.

Went to this crazy birthday party thing for someone adam knew populated mostly by a bunch of people I didn't know. I felt extremely out of place but still managed a little conversation.

Back home now, futzin' with the midi. Weird behavior! If I send a note-on, followed by another note-on with running (i.e. omitted) status byte with delta-time greater than 76 (yes, I did binary search) ticks, the next few notes are not played. However, if I insert a phantom note-off on low low low A, it forces MIDI.pm to put a real status byte for the second note and all is magically well. Crazy. Why 76? I can't fathom.