February 27th, 2003

beartato phd

(no subject)

Wow. Ugh. Woke up feeling really weird and hearing things and not sure if they were real or dream, and my eyes wouldn't focus right. Had a dream involving someone setting up some kind of fake login screen trojan and getting my password. Also one about the broken nose-pad thingy from my glasses getting permanently lost.

Last night went to union grill with lincoln3 and denorae. Watched norm play that metroid game cube game, whatever it's called.

Read more of the harmony book that madmadammim lent me. It reminds me in some ways why I was frustrated learning to play bridge because simply learning how things are done conventionally can be painful and exception-filled. On nte other hand, with music, I can actually hear the results, and apply the fact that I have been exposed to such "common practice" music since birth (even before, I think: my mom bought into that kooky "let's play 'em classical in the womb" thing) to glue together facts.