February 19th, 2003

beartato phd

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Whew. Last night was kind of crazy, but fun.
With adam and ellen, adam's car was dug out ouf much snow, driven to kinko's, only to find out that they can't bind legal-sized paper, then to eat'n'park, then walked to sally's to pick up ohter score and depostied it at the right place in CFA.

I love trying to help solve other people's problems, though. Because it's someone else's task, the possibility of failure isn't as directly frightening, so I can remain more easily calm and focused, and if I succeed, I've done something nice for a friend. Win, win.

Today: advisor meeting went well, lots of interesting discussion about mode-checking.
Worked on reviewing this paper. Talked with cdinwood some, which was a good thing. Thanks go to blistex as well as her for chiding me about my incommunicativeness. Faris poste anka? bonan, solidan larmadon. Ne povis fari tiele dum iom tempo. Bone emocie elpuriga.