February 18th, 2003

beartato phd

(no subject)

So. Got the databases project proposal done with like an hour to spare. Blerg.
Material during class right now is not too exciting. Test coming up soon.

cdinwood gave me a small item which was intended for last friday, but I wasn't exactly around campus then much during the day. I am not accustomed to receiving such... kawai items. It was sweet, though. I suppose I should be used to this feeling of not knowing how to
react by now. Suck it up, self!

Need to work on reviewing that icfp'03 paper tonight.


OH EM EFFING GEE I hate printers so much. No, really, I hate my brain. This is like the fifth time I have tried to print out the last three pages of this mofo and I keep fucking something up every single fucking time. It will work this time, I swear.

However, IPP is kind of neat.


Ah, it did work. Good, good. And now I feel very relaxed after venting all my frustration. Now back to beating up on my fingers some more. And... pizza.