February 9th, 2003

beartato phd

(no subject)

Yikes, I'm up late. Late season 4 of B5 is hard to stop watching. I feel guilty for keeping Norm awake. I didn't realize the TV was so loud, or the floor so thin. Feeling weekend-union-grill-habit cravings. Hmm. Maybe tomorrow. For now, sleep.


The rest of today: played more with twelf code. Realized that even proving weakening with all the deBruijn index machinery would be pretty nontrivial. Interesting.

The last few days I have been occasionally busting out the Hanon book. It surprised me how addictive these little repetetive exercises are. I can feel fingers 4 and 5 on both hands getting a pretty solid beating from them.

Tomorrow need to call about whether my car got towed since I checked on it some days ago. The letter my dad received seemed to suggest that it might have. Crapity crap.