February 4th, 2003

beartato phd

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Last night was kind of odd.

I woke up around 4, feeling hot but not feverish, sweating a lot, and kind of numb to my environment psychologically in a weird way. Went to the bathroom, drank some more water, took a shower, fellt much better. As soon as I settled back into bed, however, my bookshelf decided to suddenly collapse. The one shelf only had two of those little dongley things that stick in the circular holes holding it up. I remembered I had brought some more from home, so I rooted around in my suitcase and found them, only to discover that they were too big to fit. I wonder where I can get some smaller ones...


Lunch at Arby's. One of the wait staff commented about how I always got the same thing, but got my order wrong. Odd. Played some cards in the lounge. Ran into Frank in the grad lounge while buying a soda to go with the pretzels I would have bought if the STUPID VENDING MACHINES ON THE SECOND FLOOR DIDN'T STOP STOCKING THEM ARGH. Oh, right, but Frank mentioned that the meeting tomorrow was cancelled because he is totally bogged down with admissions committee stuff. I'm feeling that things are suddenly clicking with unification and metatheorem checking, though, so maybe I will write stuff up soon. Went to databases. I guess me and mdonohue are doing something with a cmu wireless net usage dataset. Or... something. We'll figure it out, I'm sure. The lecture was more rambly stuff about R-trees. Played on the OSC piano for a while. Decided to head generally in the direction of home, but ran into theadana in the UC. Chatted. Very amusing. Carla Geisser was also there for a while. Also Tomckzackkzckz, however you spell it.

Found myself over at sally's later, eating pizza, while adam was messing with her computer, installing different RAM than before, which apparently didn't work. (the before-RAM, that is)

I notice this disturbing trend of meeting people and inspiring opinions of me in them of the form "oh, yeah, that jcreed, he's a pretty decent guy, but I don't understand half the damn things that come out of his mouth." I still feel like I've acquired this undeserved aura of smartness just because I obess over such arcane things. Oh well. Talking with lmarsh helped remind me that it's not impossible to explain what the kind of research I'm into is Really About Ultimately (making software suck less via beautiful math, I would claim) and even to some degree how that filters down to the more detailed things I work with. Nonetheless, the feeling of being so off-in-the-woods intellectually stings sometimes.

Looked over Crary and Sarkar's "A Metalogical Approach to Foundational Certified Code".