January 31st, 2003

beartato phd

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Hoo boy I just had a really awful day for anxiety yesterday. The cold isn't helping too much, but pushing fluids is helping the cold, so, by transitivity, hopefully... yeah.

Woke up around 4:00, starting freaking out since I swear I thought I heard someone in the house say "sorry" or something, and poked around, and discovered adam to be absent (which isn't so weird in itself at all) which however left me without hypotheses as to the source of the sound. Decided to take a shower, to calm my nerves and throat. I think I'll go back to bed now.


The first movement of "nasty viral thing in F# minor" has come to an end, I think, and the next has started up, with the "sore throat" theme still repeated occasionally in a more understated fashion than before, overpowered by the woodwinds taking up "throbbing headache" and the strings playing gaily upon "dizzy and vaguely blerg".

Reading some of "The languages of Japan" that kaustuv lent me. Neat stuff, though I am rereminded of my amazement that actual human beings are capable of engaging in this sort of thing professionally. Not as if I'm not noticing the hypocrisy inherent in me saying that, though, considering my vocational compass.

Can't find that Wright 1996 paper, dammit.

Meeting with Frank and Karl. I am about as confused as ever. Emailed Dave Swasey about getting access to the TALT codebase, though. Karl seemed extremely skeptical that seeing the code would help anything, but I think I would feel more grounded (pun regrettable) seeing what's really going on.

Read the old ConCert (system description/position) paper "Towards a Functional Library for Fault-Tolerant Grid Computing".