January 27th, 2003

beartato phd

(no subject)

Argh. I am in an incredibly pissed-off mood at this compilers homework. The documentation is decently well-written at a low level, but I just can't freaking find anything, the assignment is sheer annoyance at every step, and I am wasting time flailing around trying random things when I could be, well, learning something. I appreciate that things are frequently better learned if you learn them by your own two hands rather than having them handed to you, but learning a massive new API by being handed a few hundred lines code that is intentionally buggy somewhere and being expected to fix the bugs is not my idea of a fun assignment. I was really hoping to have tomorrow to devote to hacking something together for the advisor meeting Wednesday, but I am feeling quite pessimistic about that now. Argh argh argh. I am not particularly happy about either of my classes or my research progress right now. It is way too soon for Teh B1tt3r to set in.

Grr. Anyway. Compilers-the-lecture today went fine. Stuff about liveness and definitions and stuff that seemed to be nicely dual to each other. Played some hearts in the lounge, which caused me to feel more guilty about going to KGB, so I didn't, and tried to get work done instead. Got pizza for dinner. Chatted with sally for a while. Went back home and banged my head against it some more.