January 8th, 2003

beartato phd

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Puerto Rico indeed happened a couple times last night with pete, combinator, pete's friend danny. Both games were kind of pathetically low-scoring, and I performed pretty badly in both, yet it was plenty of fun. We played with the (beta) expansion, which pete printed out and pasted up to cardboard at work. It's pretty wacky. Also read "The Poor Bastard", I forget the author, and I may have the title wrong also. I will factcheck tomorrow when I am less tired. In any event, one of the best comics I have read. The seething, depressing, gaping, horrible futility of its story has a crystalline purity. The drawing is excellent.

Today: went to a couple bookstores, didn't buy anything, though I was tempted. Ate pizzeria uno's. Must... read... other... books... first... I will check out "Gender" from Hillman when I get back, though. I still don't have any idea of how the early diachrony of gender agreement on adjectives works.