October 13th, 2002

beartato phd

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Stayed up nonsanely late last night. Like... 6 or 7 in the morning I think. Just didn't feel like sleeping I guess. Adam left for buggy around 5, but came back since it was raining and forced me to play "Typing of the Dead". Such a silly game, but somewhat fun.

Woke up around 10:30. Was going to head over to the Tartan but Adam began disassembling my laptop in an attempt to get the hard drive out and succeeded eventually. Instead of waiting for the cable to arrive, we stuck it in his half-dead laptop -- in the sense that he knocked it off the table recently, damaging his hard drive and screen pretty good, but leaving most everything else working okay, most notably the pcmcia slot -- and booted it up after futzing with lilo a bit, and transferred the Good Shit over to soledad. Ah, data. I am glad my data is still okay.I don't feel too bad about thinking about buying a new laptop anyway. I don't care too much for money/Money can't buy me TeX.

After the transfer started, both housemates and I went to Union Grill for lunch. Norm left a bit early for a soccer game. Went to Tartan. Comics stuff went uneventfully, but got a bunch of submissions despite not getting emails about them and fearing they weren't there, so... good. Ed, if you're reading, I put in the Liver strip because I didn't see anything else from you. Hope that's okay. Got done after a couple hours. Left for wean. Did... stuff. Attempted to email Lea about watching more of Jazz documentary. Copied some more stuff from laptop to soledad remotely. I suppose plans include dinner later tonight.

Netscape 6 tells me funny things:
I am inside the initialize
Hey : You are in QFA Startup