October 6th, 2002

beartato phd

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Went to CostCo. Got various stuff. Mmm, $1.50 for a footlong Hebrew National all-beef frank and soda. Also random Chef Boyardee microwavable single-servings for the office.

Redid Tartan stuff from last night because Emma accidentally deleted it because I forgot to email her telling her I actually did it, so she thought the new layouts were just the old ones. Didn't take terribly long.

Went to Lea's place to watch some of the PBS Jazz documentary she got on DVD. Cool stuff. They really focus on race a lot, but I suppose it had a pretty profound effect on the music and its development.

The usual people minus kaustuv went to JM. cdinwood, even, though she said earlier she might not due to weekend trip to D.C. She loaned me "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. Read a little bit of it before getting to sleep at 3:15ish.