September 8th, 2002

beartato phd

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Lunch with Norm at Sam's. Showed up at the Tartan 1:30ish. Fiddled with stuff. Put placeholders in for page numbers and the header since they're still playing with it. cdinwood came by, and gave me the Count. Wrote the blurb. Was, as far as I knew, blocking on Shades of Manning at that point, so I went back to wean and played some Set with her and denorae and Jen of Jennoble fame. A couple of times I managed to tie for first place, woo, but usually lost. Went back to Tartan office at 6:00 to look for Rob, but he wasn't there, but his strip was there in the directory the whole time apparently. So I finished layout, and dropped it off in copy.

Went to Cranberry with Jennoble and cdinwood and kaustuv for Krispy Kreme. Kaustuv's willpower amazes me. He did in fact buy a dozen donuts but declined the free sample. Mmm, warm ultrafresh donutty goodness. I couldn't manage to get out of the building before eating three of them and chugging my milk a bit too fast. The whole trip reminded me intensely of the last time I went out there in shiue's care. Very strange sort of deja-vu-ish feeling.

Went back to morewood and played in the practice room again today also. I remember how much the particular keys sticking (second octave "A" ARGH KILL KILL) drives me crazy. I think, however, it's not impossible that it's in part my fault, though, for playing a loud stride style in so many pieces in A minor... :) But, yeah. I don't actually want to merely regress to wanting to live in the past, but it strikes me some times how much past I have already accumulated here. Which is neither just good no just bad, I think, but it's there. But I will be leaving behind the Tartan stuff come the end of this semester, and I really don't feel a whole lot of inclination to use the morewood rooms in particular too much any more. But I do have a lot of good memories associated with them, and it's nice that they're still sort of there in any event (lousy Unimart mutter mutter) and... stuff. Some things I am eager to pass over and others just the opposite...

Kaj mia cerbo rompigxis kaj difektigxas denove, sed mi ankoraux ridetadas.