March 24th, 2002

beartato phd

(no subject)

Got up way too damn early.

Grabbed a very little bit of breakfast, chatted
with other prospective and current grad students.
Drove around Ithaca with a current grad, saw a bit
of the city and a big waterfall just outside it.
Lots of people went to an ice skating rink. I
tried skating but it quickly caused my right ankle
to hurt a lot. There was a reception at about
5:00-7:00 during which more people showed up and
the schmoozing and chatting and so forth. Dinner
was at a rather expensive and complicated-food-
serving place. I miss good old cheap greasy food
sometimes. Which is to say that I really should
learn to cook well so that I can get good quality
food without associated allergy paranoia.
Skipped out on the party to go back to the hotel

Hacked about a page of the extended abstract/
outline for senior thesis, and fiddled with Soko3d
some more. In the latter one can actually walk around,
but it's really inelegant --- it does a mergesort
of every tile in the board every time you hit a key.