November 18th, 2001

beartato phd


Finished up the TeXery. The equations involved in connecting
MaxEnt to MRFs were much more hairy than I thought they'd be
--- I really only sketched it out informally at work. Makes
me wonder if I screwed up a sign somewhere and only that explains
why the code isn't working :) Nah, probably not. The assumptions
on pseduolikelihood really aren't sufficiently satisfied in practice,
I think.

Due to recommendation letter handout coming up soon out of necessity,
I dusted off and updated my resume, which was really strange. I
felt like I was reading a tiny biography of a different person
who happened to have the same jobs and education as me between about 1996
and mid-1999. The "objective statement" was to do research in
AI, graphics, or systems! Granted, I -was- using this resume
to apply to JPRC, so of course I'd have AI as a #1 thing, but
those three fields are about the last I'd want to do serious
research in right now. Complexity theory or algorithms, maybe,
and actually systems could be interesting, but of course PL's
where it's at.

I also stuffed some more ps files onto my webpage for easy referrability
when it comes time to write my statement of purpose and such.

Tartan pizza happened as usual.
Though Braunstein seemed to have come with a person
who I had seen around campus and always just thought
of as stunningly-attractive-military-looking-jacket-girl,
and it turns out her name is Colleen.
God, I feel so weird developing such intense
positive stereotypes about people.
Besides which the part of my brain whose job is to
remind me that she's probably seeing someone and
I'm in no position to be seeking out a relationship
right now anyway, and why don't I just try to make friends
among people that I have some connection to anyway,
etc. etc. is having a field day.
Nor do I have any idea how I'm making the cognitive leap
from a tiny amount of data (reads what looks like an interesting
book, knows enough linguistics to correct a stupid mistake I
made) to "probably a very interesting person in general", but
it's sure as fuck being leaped, for some reason or another.
Maybe this is what it's like being ndm. (No offense, I hope, Neal :)