December 27th, 2000

beartato phd


Much dawkins hacking.
Added a bunch of stuff for event tracking.
This suggested having a type for event fields,
and while I was at it I added a type of types --
this seemed pretty much necessary given A_GOSS.
At 1307 loc.

Added some debugging foo; reg.h is generated by
a perl script using the same sort of code as compile
to scan headers for enums containing token names.
Fixed some stupid bugs.
At 1454 loc. (*.[ch] compile gen_reg

Lots more bugfixes and improvements.
Many things tested. Split stuff off
into sim_types.h to break a circularity introduced
by having interpreter.c #include world.h;

For the same reason (i.e. allowing stuff in
the interpreter access information in the
current cell_t) I needed to have agent.h
#include world.h but already world.h
#includede agent.h.

But now it's fixed and I have an
instruction for checking the current
local population. Also a rand.

Have tried running simple paradigms up to
about 1.3 million iterations. Things seem
to be working relatively smoothly. I'll
have to work on some better visualization tools, and
make sure that multi-paradigm runs work correctly.
Also little things like dying of old age, and
persuadability increasing with hunger and
'overworkedness' (measured by cycles burned)
and such would be nice.
At 1567 loc. (*.[ch] compile gen_reg