December 23rd, 2000

beartato phd


Shit. Didn't get a B in OS after all.

Got a haircut.

More dawkins hacking. 1057 loc. Put up a lot
of infrastructure for agent and world bookkeeping.
It remains to fill in the code for specific actions,
and handling events and stuff.

Dammit, doing the randomly-pick-an-agent-to-execute
thing makes event tracking less easy, since I can't
just display what happened on the last tick.

Oh, well, I suppose keeping a ticker around of the
last N events will work. Should be indexed by the
negative-time-direction distance from the present
from the point of view of the agent, then.

Made some improvements to the compiler --- it can
theoretically take multiple source files now, and
guesses an appropriate output filename. Or you
can specify it with an option. Yay Getopt::Long.

I wonder about scoring, though. Maybe there should
be a command to score one point for the currently-
executing paradigm. Would have to acheive some sort
of tradeoff between growth and 'point production'

g.mikes-pants mentioned 'Blue Angel' today ---
that reminds me that I haven't ripped the zippers'
'Hot' yet. Should do so.

Xmas at dad's. Got the Big Ass Battery and a
Wacom tablet.