December 19th, 2000

beartato phd


Heading back to madison.
The Pgh-detroit flight was delayed, and so
I missed the connection. Next one is just
a couple hours later, so it's not a
terribly long wait, and a relaxing layover
instead of a rushed one. Oh well.

Fuck if I can think of something more
effective than an airport for making me
feel like a complete misanthrope, though.
If it isn't someone cooing and laughing
idiotically into a cell phone, it's some
pair of seven-year-olds whining with unduly
fatalistic pessimism about how, oh my god,
their vacation is ruined because their flight
is a half-hour late, or old people making
incredibly loud slurping and sniffing noises.

Maybe general annoyance will subside soon.

Read "Liar's Poker", the book rlj lent me.
Pretty funny.

Got into Madison finally at like 20:30 local time.