February 24th, 2000

beartato phd


Progress on 312. Probably should get around to the
proofs, though.

Oh, if products and coproducts coincide, then
you can define addition of morphisms nicely. Cool.

Y'know, if someone studies a foreign language
intensely, especially to the point of
fluency, it (I would think) ought come as
no surprise that they start involuntarily
thinking -in- that language even when unnecessary
for communication, thinking in terms of idioms
and semantic niches not present in their native
language, etc. And yet I -am- surprised (and
even kind of embarrassed or annoyed, though
I'm not sure I need to be) each time I think of
some everyday concept in terms of some technical
CS, mathematical, philosophical, or just
generally geekish construct, even though I
spend the majority of my waking hours 'speaking'
these languages in one form or another.