January 2nd, 2000

beartato phd


If you did it right, you could like paint a strip on a
torus such that (assume the torus is mostly in the xz
plane) if you rotate it about the y axis it -looks-
like it's 'rotating about' the circle of radius 1 in
the xz plane. That would be kind of cool.

Big nasty open level down around dlevel 12 that keeps
killing me, rrg. Still, 60k, my second best.

Got Jess's iBook to talk to the USB printer. Whee.
(It was just a matter of driver gankage)

Just a bit of hacking on ptkboggle.
'Qu' now works correctly. I wonder how
I could get the dictionary to load reasonably
fast... Maybe making some sort of disk-based
hash db solution corresponding to how I use
%w and %p right now? Hey, that might actually