Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Everyone else is doing it

Last night I had a dream where I was in a library. They used a strange book numbering scheme there. It was neither Dewey Decimal or the Library of Congress system. There were two TVs on, and my late grandmother was watching one. I accidentally messed up the channel on that one, and changed it back when she complained.

Then later somehow there was a hot-tub designed by the Coca-Cola company, and even later I was going through initiation into some fraternity. The initiating guy wanted me to drink some unmarked reddish purple liquid in a test-tube, and I refused. Surprising me, he was totally okay with me dropping out of the process and just made sure I returned a notebook that had been given to me earlier, and which had stuck in it the "one true pencil", and also returned two other books which had been checked out from the library from before. I searched through my backpack nervously, fearing the consequences if I didn't have any of the required items, but fortunately none was missing. Then combinator woke me up by opening the door to the dorm room, which was quite fortunate, because I had slept through my alarm.

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