Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Physics II recitation went uneventfully today,
except for being vaguely entertained by Lindsey's style of dress.

I skipped out of Semantics of Programming Languages a bit early to attend a talk by C. H. Bennet, one of the pioneers of quantum information theory and quantum cryptography. Interesting stuff - I think I feel much better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) about Bell's inequality now. That is to say, I think I know more exactly what it is, which means of course that I understand it less.

The talk ate a little into Lambda Calculus as well, but I didn't miss a whole lot. We went over what sort of stuff you can do with church numerals in the simply-typed calculus (I had forgotten that you can't do exponentiation!) and got about halfway through a proof of normalizability of all well-typed terms.

Went to the Tartan editorial board meeting. They mostly mumbled about blue-sky ideas for the Highlander space in Resnik. Is ToI moving out of there? Idunno. I have a hard time avoiding apathy regarding these sort of subjects, although I guess I wouldn't mind having more options near (on) campus.

In other news the category theory homeworks are actually ready for pickup now, but the philosophy office is closed for today. Anthony D'auria and some physics major whose name escapes me got their homeworks directly to me for some reason so I at least have a couple to hack away at.

I played a game called "Manhattan" in the lounge with dr4b and dvarin and combinator. It was pretty fun. I thought I was going to win, but carl snuck ahead of me at the very end by one point.

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