Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Comics Relief

So I finally got all the shit together for the Tartan comics page. For a long bit I was afraid I wouldn't be able to run the syndicateds we carry (Dilbert, Over the Hedge, Monty) since the ftp-like server seemed to be down since Jonathan tried to show me how it worked on Friday. After googling for the name of the custom software and "united media" I found the documentation for using the former, which instructed me to connect to a different host than I was. Surprise, surprise, the host in the docs worked fine.

So that worked out, and the layout came out okay if a bit loose. I also hacked up a little mad-libs thing in TeX for the blurb. I actually successfully used \ifdem, yay.

Earlier in the morning I jammed with Drew, Ann, Steve, and Kevin again. They're still having trouble finding a regular drummer. We played some standard stuff -- House of the Rising Sun, I Will Survive, and Karma Police.

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