Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went to the Physics II lecture this morning.
Much indecision about whether to go for the double degree after all. I really did sort of want to sit in on grad algorithms, which is at the same time. Ugh.

Went over to the tartan office where Jonathan continued to help explain all the comics-editing conventions and tricks. I actually layed out a few strips. Not all of them are in yet, thankfully, because I still have a lot of space to fill.

Later there was much gaming going on. I lost to Charlie Smart at go again, but by a bit less given two handicap stones. It was also fun watching Dan and Cory play. I'm glad my board is getting some use, anyway. Also Pete, Martin, Neal and I played Sternenfahren, which lasted like three hours.

After that we all watched the first two eps of Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Fucked up and hilarious.

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