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Hotel in Prague ("Adria") has more reasonable internet. In Berlin google maps would take a good 30s-1m to load all the tiles. The bathroom smelled really gross at first and was not fixed by running the fan for a couple hours, but applying internet advice item #1 ("run the shower, because maybe it's sewer gas coming up through the shower"??) maybe helped? If it recurs we will try internet advice item #2 ("light a match").

Old town is very old town. I was told Prague was well-preserved by not being bombed in WWII, but it seeing is believing. Twisty cobblestone roads and big squares with big ol' fussily-architectured giant buildings.

Dinner last night was some nice beef goulash with dumplings. K and I have a running joke-argument about the semantic boundaries between "noodle" and "dumpling" because apparently in polish (or maybe just her dialect? not sure) noodles are things that are not filled, and dumplings are filled. So the doughy balls that came with the goulash (and kopytka and spätzle, for that matter) are plainly noodles. For me (and I think most english speakers? no looks like I might be in the minority based on replies) 'dumpling' is more about shape? It so happened that the spätzle we had a couple days ago was noodle-shaped, but I've had versions of it before that I'd be more tempted to call dumplings. (I see the wikipedia page says "soft egg noodle or dumpling") Chicken soup with dumplings has unfilled blobs of dough. Even like orzo seems like something that's only marginally 'noodle' (even though I do call it 'pasta').
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