Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Tried Cafe ImNu up near Mauerpark, but it only had a buffet, which did not interest either of us that much. Fortunately near it was Cafe Frida Kahlo, which had a great great breakfast selection.

The following is a real conversation that happened, after I discovered my breakfast came with two kinds of cheese, not just the Manchego that the menu mentioned.

[Puts whole big triangle wedge in mouth]
"Oh man this cheese is great, you should try it!"
[K tries a little]
"This... this is butter."

Wandered over to Mauerpark to find a flea market that K remembered happening there on Saturdays from when she visited Berlin years ago, sadly it wasn't there. Tried a different nearby park, still no.

Decided to go down to the Hamburger Bahnhof (no longer an actual Bahnhof, just an art museum) to see some art. The Joseph Beuys exhibits make old Cat and Girl comics make some more sense to me now. Laaaard!

Food following that was just a proper Döner Kebap from some random place in the Hauptbahnhof, was very good.

Spent some time wandering down Potsdamerstraße from Potsdamerplatz. Had to go pee: saw a Uniqlo (but it had no bathroom) saw a random coffeeshop (but the bathroom was locked) saw a Starbucks (but the bathroom was combo-code locked) saw a... Ritz Carlton Berlin. Had the most luxurious pee ever. Did not sit on bathroom-couch, but I could have.

Passed (and ducked inside briefly) the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, which is a magnificently weird huge building complex. Finally ended up at the Kurfürstenstraße U-Bahn stop, which turned out not to be the shopping center on Kurfürstendamm that K had remembered from long ago, and which was actually still rather far away by foot, so we just pooped out and went back to the hotel for now.
Tags: berlin, food, travel

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