Jason (jcreed) wrote,

More stuff happened: Tried to find a typisch deutsche döner kebap, but we only came across an outdoor stand with no real seating to speak of, and the rain was still pissing down something heavy, so we popped in some random cafe and just had some sandwiches.

Went up to the Buchstabenmuseum ("letter museum"); was adorable. Neon signs and other sorts of big outdoor wordmark signage, both assembled and disassembled, in a very weird semi-museum semi-garagey-warehouse thing. So many lovely letterforms. My font nerd heart was all aflutter. Could only wish that it was bigger. After that K went second-hand-store-hunting somewhere in Kreuzberg for a cheap leather jacket, but didn't find any she liked.

Had a little adventure trying to find Zur kleinen Markthalle, getting a little lost in the process, but eventually got to it: it contained tiny delicious sausages and kraut and some tasty very brown Brot.

Finally I decided I was brave enough por provi atingi la faman Jauxdan Rondon, a long-running weekly esperanto event in Berlin. Talked to some german folks and a dutch dude. Was fun. Turns out I'm not too rusty to hold down a conversation.
Tags: esperanto, fonts, food, travel

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