Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went over to K's place and helped her pack some, except my "helping" mostly consisted of nosing through delightful children's books (written in Polish, of course) that she happened to still have. Given that my (surely hilariously accented) attempts at reading words out of them appeared to entertain her to no end, it seemed like a fair trade after all.

I mean... Being as this isn't my first trip to the foreign language rodeo, it probably could be even worse. At least I have a handle on a tapped (rather than a giveaway english-accent retroflex approximant) /r/, and I can do pure vowels /a/ /e/ /i/ /o/ /u/ just fine, but I definitely end up pronouncing y as more /ɪ/ than /ɨ/ (and in fact wikipedia tells me it ought to be realized as [ɘ̟]??) and I am terrible at distinguishing ź /ʑ/ from ż,rz /ʐ/ (and likewise the unvoiced and affricate versions of them) both in articulation and comprehension, and I constantly mistakenly perceive rz as two separate letters as I'm trying to sound things out instead of the biglyph that it is. Somehow this is never a problem with sz, cz.
Tags: moving, polish

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