Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Watched that "Mad Max" movie that's out. The 3d seemed superfluous, the dialogue was really cringey in a couple places (every occurrence of the token "redemption", and the times that Tom Hardy's lips moved and sound came out) but heck it was fun. The really looney bits like the infamous bass-guitar-car and most of the rest of the post-apoc frankenmachines were great. Charlize Theron is pretty badass in it. I am happy that some restraint was shown in not having any significant romantic backplot (sure, there was one between Redhead Warlord-Harem Member Whose Name Might Have Been Growled Once Inaudibly But I Didn't Catch It and Billy Corgan Having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, but it consisted of like two or three discrete moments of them making eyes at each other and that was mostly it, so the screenwriters are forgiven, plus he bites it anyway so there's no sappy happy ending with a desert wedding or whatever) and also not having any terribly drawn-out triumphant Yub-Nubbing at the very end where like Theron ascends the Chrome Throne or whatever they have. (7/10), or (8/10) if I get to selectively edit out the worst of the dialogue.
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