Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Something abrupt and sad happened to the cell radio in my phone yesterday, so I finally stopped putting off buying a new one. Decision process went like this:

Are there any good phones on the market with a hardware keyboard?
No, jeez, grandpa, what do you think this is, 2008?
Ok, ok, fine, what is the most popular and mainstream line of non-iPhones around right now.
I guess Samsung Galaxy S whatever
Ok what is the biggest value of "whatever".
As of yesterday, 6
Is in fact the Samsung Galaxy S6 the best of the Samsung Galaxies S
Well, the S5 allegedly has better battery life, is waterproof, has a replaceable battery, an SD card slot (whereas the S6 does not), albeit with fewer screen pixels and also one of the cameras has fewer pixels.
But it's still ridiculously more screen pixels than my droid 4, though, yeah?
God. Yes.
Ok, S5 it is

And so I got it. It seems okay I guess. I really miss the hardware "search" and "menu" buttons, and the non-clicky "home" button. KitKat seems ok. I have read some scary things about possible Lollipop bugs and performance regressions. Apparently you can have userspace programs customize both the lock screen and launcher now, though? That's pretty nice. I don't know how long that's been the case. It meant that I was able to banish the execrable "My Magazine" feature that was baked into the launcher it shipped with, since there was no apparent in-launcher way of uninstalling it.
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