Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Evaluation of working from home after two weeks of doing it: ★★★★★ A+++ would buy again

I would occasionally WFH at both google and fb, and while it was a reprieve from the noise and distractions and so on, I always felt a little bit guilty in the back of my head, since there was an office, and other people were in it, and what's wrong with me, hm? Am I not a Team PlayerTM?

But in this case everybody on my team is working from their own place (I believe one person is working from the Seattle office, but since she is the only one, it makes it just as much Her Own Place) so I feel totally not a second-class citizen, and everyone is on chat throughout the day, and VC works pretty good these days, and so pretty much it is the best thing ever.

I am totally aware that other people have their favored habits, and I know some of y'all find a homey environment itself distracting (because there are things to clean or cats to pet or food to eat or make or what-have-you) but for me the simple fact that there are not human beings in the same wall-bounded space as me (much less, like, two feet to my left and right and six feet in front of and behind me) is just a huge 10x effect to my focus and happiness and enjoyment of work. Dear humans: I promise I still like you. I just really like my physical-space privacy while trying to do work.
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