Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Lunch with gwillen at some mediterranean place. Mysteriously the chicken shawarma I had was completely inedible and gross and Idunno why. Something about the spices I found the opposite of delicious. Nonetheless of course hanging out with gwillen was great; talked about his work stuff and math and puzzles etc. Popped my head in the door of the baby shower for chris and zoe that he was attending to long enough to say hi to jess and shiue and eleather, but I was feeling pretty social'ed out at that point so I went back.

Dinner was some really tasty chicken sausage and rice and cabbage that spoons whipped up. Ended up playing Hansa Teutonica, which none of us had tried before; I liked it a bunch. I lost (copic won) but not by a depressingly large amount. The game felt pretty well balanced from a point of view of keeping everyone participating competitively; like, a player that is in last place most of the game (e.g. me) doesn't seem to necessarily *feel* like they're struggling to get anything done the way agricola seemed to do. I even managed to build a path from $LEFTMOST_CITY to $RIGHTMOST_CITY which got me some victory point bonus, but evidently I sacrificed too many other priorities to achieve that.
Tags: food, games, social

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