Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Leaving for Florida today. Set my alarm
for 4:40, and slept through it. Mom woke
me up at 4:50, we left the house at 5:00,
met Jess at Oconomowoc at about 6:00, got
to the airport around 6:50, got through the
check-in line by 7:20, and up to the gate
about 8:00. Both the check-in and security
lines were extremely long. Finally got into
Ft. Meyers 12:40 local time.

Went to Nonna Maria's for dinner. I got some
Chicken Parm. The waiter was sort of subcompetent,
though. He never got us any drinks -- Kathy had
to go over to the bar to get everyone something
-- and messed up people's orders like three times.
My food was pretty tasty, anyway.

I hacked a little more on diamond inference stuff,
but it's still hard. I think I know what
the right rules -should- be, but the more I look
at them, the more evil I suspect the proof is going
to have to be.

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