Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Went out to dinner at Olive Garden. Mmm,
Chicken Parm.

I'm ever more tempted to try to get an LJ account
and synch up my daily file with it or something.

Working on prtsye stuff a lot today. I have a
silly little parable-like story written,
which I think will be helpful in providing meat for
bootstrapping vocabulary creation. The style
is sort of simple grammatically, but not
Arg, writing fiction is hard, though. I feel like
the size of my reading vocabulary -- the set of
words I'd probably -understand- if I saw them in context
-- is little help when it comes to trying to -write-
significant amounts of text without sounding
repetitive and/or ridiculously trite at every turn.
I probably should show up to SFF or whatever
it's called but I'd find it really hard to be
willing to show anyone such crap. I mean, get
over self-esteem issues. Yeah, that.

Mood: Productive
Music: Cake, "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps"
On LJ yet: Oh, shit, no.
Going insane: Probably.

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