Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Went to lunch with Pete and his parents at the Red Robin
Grill. It's a burger place over in Monona, just off of
Broadway. The food was decent, if a little overpriced.
Alan was paying, though, so it didn't matter, I suppose.
It was nice to see all three of them again and catch
up on things. Pete's academic plans have changed again.
I am utterly shocked, of course. Now it sounds like he
will graduate this spring after all. The year after
he was talking about basically taking off from college.
One idea was to teach English in Japan for a year.
Apparently there's a required English conversation class,
for which they need a native speaker, who is in fact
required -not- to speak any Japanese during the class
and can basically talk about whatever they want to in
English, so Japanese fluency isn't really an issue
and it sounds like an easy job.
After that, though, he was planning to try to get
into a joint PhD/MD (!) program studying electrical
engineering in relation to direct human-computer
interfacing. Interesting stuff, but he says it's like
a 7-year long program and involving more chemistry
courses than I could stomach, anyway. Apparently
with all the physics he's taken it's not too hard,

Working a bit more on the prtsye stuff.

I'm also hacking on a bit of perl that might
help with accounting for my various directories
and subdirectories of crap.

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