Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got a new pair of glasses in the mail at last; they are exactly like my previous pair that have lasted me about 3 years I think but are finally falling apart, i.e. lenses scuffed up a bit around the edges and paint chipping off and screw kind of loose and won't stay tightened. But the replacements are just perfect. This and the previous pair both for only like $25. Zenni fuckin' optical, man. If I really wanted something specific other than plain boring black frames I might be out of luck, but they're pretty good for just basic glasses that work.

In the evening attempted to make Tiny Breads, seeking to overcome the fact I have long been kind of intimidated by doing things with yeast. Took this recipe and cut it in half and took the dough that resulted and cut it in half and put each lump in a muffin-tin cup. I got a couple of nice little muffin-sized and pleasantly crusty hard rolls, albeit with a rather dense interior. Plausible hypotheses for why the yeast didn't rise that much:

  • Yeast/water/yeast-food slurry not warm enough for yeast to operate efficiently. The tap water might have been kind of cold, and my apartment's ambient temperature wasn't that toasty either, being as it is the kind of weather that made me crave hot bread in the first place.
  • Yeast is old and getting close to its expiration date
  • I was impatient and shaved maybe 10m off the total amount of rising time recommended by the recipe

Still totally edible, verging on tasty. Encouraging result.
Tags: food, glasses

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