Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I really like this list of chrisamaphone's of research ideas, and not least because they are all phrased in the form of questions. I guess that's relatively normal for "research interests", research being an uncertain, questiony sort of affair in the first place, but I feel like signal-boosting the idea of pushing oneself to write down the question even in small-scale day-to-day note-taking, too. I like doing it a lot, anyway. It seems to help both clarify the issue of what answer I'm looking for, and it tends to make the notes more searchable (since when I want to know an answer later on, I'm much more likely to guess at key words in the question than in the answer, since the whole reason I'm searching my notesfile is that I don't remember the answer)

Also I am excited by "purely-human-mediated decentralized roleplaying system[s]" since I was obsessed with that idea briefly in middle school but could not for the life of me persuade any of my gaming-nerd friends at the time (who numbered probably about... two) that this could be interesting. Also I think I just plain didn't have enough concrete ideas or game-design-thinking-wherewithal to pull it off. So, uh, hey chris I suspect you are well-equipped to do something pretty rad there and I am cheering you on and I would love to playtest if ever you need playtesters.
Tags: games, research

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