Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Yesterday did xmas morning and hung out most of the day with mom, sisters, niece. In the afternoon Steph very kindly gave me a haircut and bleached K's hair. Had some very excellent traditional midwestern cuisine (Olive Garden) for dinner, although K opted for some pad thai from a place next door. Fortunately, everyone getting their own thing is also traditional for my family so TRADITIONNN.

Our flight back to nyc was delayed about an hour and a half, and the in-air time was reduced, due to a fortuitous tailwind, to... about an hour an a half. O'Hare wasn't all that bad for Dec 23rd. The baby behind us kicked and screamed a good bit, but we landed at LaGuardia without further incident and got our luggage quick. All in all I'm just happy to be home.
Tags: travel

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