Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Pootled about the immediate neighborhood of my dad's place down here, checked out the nearby mall. It seemed bafflingly huge to me, but doing some comparison now with the mall I went to in high school, it only looks about twice as big (maybe about a 2.5M sq ft lot versus about west towne's 1.25Mish? I'm just eyeballing what it looks like on gmaps) I guess living in new york has changed my expectations of space. We had some mall-pan-asian-food at "Stir Crazy", wasn't actually half bad.

In the evening my dad put on "Chef", a movie he saw recently and liked about a dude who loses his cooking job at a fancy restaurant and rediscovers himself and his relationship with his son etc. etc. by buying a food truck and driving it back home from miami to LA, selling cuban sandwiches along the way. It was a nice cosy unchallenging ding-ding-ding here's all the points when the main characters encounter setbacks and overcome them kind of movie, lots of good food photography.
Tags: food, movies
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