Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Leaving for Madison. Flying does feel a little weird
since 9/11. Security at the airport is visually
pretty extreme. Several camouflage-uniformed people,
and occasional shouting. I got my laptop case
searched, but fortunately it didn't take too long.
It's not as if it mattered, though. I got to the
airport pretty far in advance of my flight.

Another difference between this time and last is
I'm taking US AirWays. They have their E-ticket
foo set up so that the passenger does most of the work.
There's a little touch-screen thing you answer all
the questions on that would otherwise be asked
by the person behind the counter. It's good I
actually brought my receipt this time, because it
needed the flight number to disambiguate my
reservation, or something.

Xmas happened at dad's house. I got some clothes
and a CD burner. Maybe it would be a good idea to
do some backups when I get home.

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