Jason (jcreed) wrote,

There's some part of my brain that keeps forgetting that I live in the future and can buy things from the internet.

The pants I have are wearing out; I should buy some more pants. I tried going to Uniqlo, (who are really good for cheap plain T-shirts) but the pants they have that waist-and-length fit me still seem mysteriously too tight everywhere else and have pockets that are too small. "Well", says K, with stupefying sensibleness, "why don't you look up on the internet the kind of pants you have now and just buy more of them?". Uh, yes, why am I not doing exactly that. But then I did, and now, like three days later, I have two shiny new pairs of Levi's 559 30W 32L, and of course they fit just like I want them to.
Tags: pants

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